The future development of adss optical cable is worth thinking about

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What are the specific methods for setting up ADSS optical cables

At present, based on a large amount of technology introduction, digestion and absorption, and independent research and development, the adss optical cable industry in China has formed a huge production capacity, and the supporting cable material and cable equipment manufacturing industries have also initially formed a relatively complete supporting system.


The main presentations are: large enterprises have obvious advantages in market competitiveness and strong profitability; small and medium-sized enterprises have better asset operation capabilities; private enterprises have a flexible market-oriented operating mechanism and rapid development, especially wire and cable in developed coastal areas The prominent advantages of manufacturing enterprises are obvious.

The adss optical cable has a different structure from the overhead conductor. Its tensile strength is borne by the aramid rope. The aramid rope has an elastic modulus more than half that of steel, and its thermal expansion coefficient is a fraction of that of steel. This determines the adss optical cable arc. Vertical is more sensitive to external load changes. In the ice-covered state, the elongation of the adss optical cable can reach 0.6, but the wire is only 0.1; the sag is relatively insensitive to temperature changes, and the sag basically remains unchanged when the temperature changes; its wind deflection angle is large under high wind conditions, When the wind speed is 30m / s, the wind deflection angle can reach 80 °, while the wind deflection angle of the wire is only about half of the optical cable.


First, the structural characteristics of adss optical cable:


The adss optical cable that has been produced can be divided into two types of layer twisted type and center beam tube type from the structure. Among them, the layer twisted type optical cable has a FRP reinforcement core, which is slightly heavier than the tube type? At the same time, due to its operation in a high-voltage environment, according to the electric field strength, it can be divided into AT sheath electric erosion resistance type and PE sheath standard type? Adss optical cable features as follows:


  1. Designed for power system, it is a self-supporting overhead optical cable with full insulation medium. Its structure does not contain any metal materials.


  1. Fully insulated structure and high withstand voltage index are conducive to the installation of facility workers on overhead power lines running live, without affecting line operation.


3, the use of high tensile strength anti-fiber material can withstand strong tension, to meet the requirements of large spans of overhead power lines, and can prevent bird pecking and artificial shooting.


  1. The thermal expansion coefficient of adss optical cable is small. When the temperature changes greatly, the radian change of the optical cable line is small, and its weight is light, and its running ice and wind load are also small.


Second, the life of adss optical cable:


Adss optical cables are installed on high-voltage transmission lines, and their general life span is more than 25 years. There are many factors that affect their life span. The main factors are:


  1. Does the gradient of the high-voltage induced electric field near the tower vary greatly? Does the high-voltage induced electric field have strong electrical corrosion on the optical cable? Generally, PE type for overhead power lines of 35KV and below, and AT type for 110KV and above.


  1. For double-circuit towers, due to power outages or line modifications in the primary circuit of the line, consideration should be given when selecting a hanging point.


  1. When the line passes through the working area with salt mist and acid gas, the chemical substance will corrode the outer sheath of the optical fiber cable, and its electric-resistant protective sleeve is damaged, and it is susceptible to arc damage.


  1. Improper construction causes damage to the skin or abrasion, etc. When it is operated in a long-term high-voltage electric field, its surface is easily corroded, and the flat and smooth optical fiber cable can effectively reduce electrical corrosion and prolong its life.


Although the demand of the adss optical cable industry is currently strong, due to the product attributes of optical fiber cables, its own life cycle is about 50 years. Once the product is updated or replaced, the demand in the later period will be significantly weakened, and the industry will directly go flat. Therefore, although China’s current optical fiber and cable industry is developing very well, the production and demand ratio of optical fiber and cable has exceeded 100%. After the period of capacity expansion, the industry is likely to be quiet. Therefore, in the long run, the future direction of the adss optical cable industry is still a question worth pondering.

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